At the start of your casino event your guests will be issued with 'Fun Money' which can be exchanged for casino chips at the tables.

The games are very easy to play and the rules are explained by our experienced dealers.

Our casino entertainment is totally authentic but with NO RISK!. The 'Just for Fun' element does not inhibit the excitement your guests will experience as they are quickly wrapped up in the thrill of the Big Win!

You and your guests will enjoy a truly memorable experience as they enjoy the thrills of the spinning roulette wheel and the challenge of beating the dealer at the blackjack table.

We can supply a prize for the winner at the tables or you may wish to provide a prize of your own that is a more personal memento of your company or event.

The hire of your casino includes hire, set-up and tear down of tables, fun money for your guests, professionally trained croupiers for each table, £2m Liability Insurance and three hours dealing time.

A photograph of a croupiers arms over a gaming table